Naomi Jardine is a screenwriter and comic artist living and working in Toronto, Ontario. Her comic strip "Flatland," featuring a merry band of weirdo prairie animals, is at

Naomi's illustration portfolio includes cartoon character and mascot design, children's illustrations/paintings, pet caricatures, website interface illustrations, cartoon memes for social media campaigns, and artwork for pitch documents.  Scroll down to view samples and click on each to enlarge. 






These single-celled characters were created for a children's television series pitch, set in the primordial ooze.

  A set of animal eco-superhero characters were commissioned by Earth Day Canada for their latest EcoKids campaign. 

Click on the image to see them all, including a slightly crazy but very creative racoon - the upcycling hero, and a chipmunk demonstrating pop-bottle planters.

  These were done as Facebook memes for a water conservation-related social media campaign; people were invited to choose which water sign best described how they were feeling today, and post it to their profiles. 

Click on the image to see all 20 cartoons.

  Illustration done for a children's television series pitch about a friendly monster who leaps out of a magic portal in the closet.

  Mascot character designs for
Inclusive Media and Design, a company that does video captioning and description for the hearing impaired and the blind. The characters are modeled after the company co-owners' dog and cat.

  Mascot developed for the environmental non-profit organization, Ecologos.

  Commissioned to create a cartoon of a family dog named Maggie (see photo of Maggie in the corner)... this was the sketch and mockup - a polished version was painted on canvas.

  Same as above, a cartoon caricature of a sheltie called Sadie, this mockup was used to lay out colours before painting on canvas.

  These cartoons were commissioned by the West Highland White Terrier Club for their promotional materials.

  Created a set of monster characters and painted them on canvas for a baby's room.  This one's dubbed "Tentacley." For some reason he's got buck teeth.

Click on the image to see all five paintings, including a hulking bookworm monster cuddling a kitten, a chubby monster with a lollipop, and more.

  Commissioned by Inclusive Media and Design to create illustrated elements for an interactive software exhibit at the Deaf Culture Centre in Toronto.  The illustrations were incorporated into the design as part of the software interface.  For example, video clips would play within the theatre screen shown here.

All images on this website Naomi Jardine, all rights reserved.