These are my recent strips, listed from most current backwards, in order of the date they were posted. Confused? I am. 
Shmile No Idea Listaholic
Flight School Sound of Silence Massage Therapy
Coping Strategy Nice to Glow Ya Bee Real
Brain Fart Alliteration Christmas Frenzy
Snow-it-all Daydreams Instinks
Camouflage Procrastination Sid o'lantern
Moment in Time Terrible Idea Using Your Noodle
Bad Guests Sid's Revelation Adorable Bruce
2 Bee or Not 2 Bee Thoughtless Froggercize
Flower Power Hinterland Life Insomnia
Breakdancing Return from Break Fly Coma
Fly By Basil Dissolves Snow Fun
ColdColdCold Carpe Diem Blind Optimism
12 Days Snowy Euphoria Game Plan
Bunny Senses Writer's Block The Pitch
Disbeleaf Hallowhat? Night Light
Mosquito Corps Light Bulb Moment Pie-Fest
Unhinged Germiphobia Royal Protocol
Meltdown Drawing the Line CFL Tryouts
Stress Management Morning Bruce BetterHomes&Gardens
Easter Surprise Cookie Wisdom Moody Bruce
Spring Isn't Sprung Lion Around Prairie Dawn
Frogsicle Long Term Resolution Let It Snow
Lions&Tigers Jumpin Jack Flash Navel Gazing
Badger Lesson Spooktacular Pumpkin Pie Tribute
Yoga Attempt Little Known Psychoses Zen Master
Sidney Belafonte Berry Bonanza Sid's Talent
Frogstranaut Bee-fuddled Zen Moment
Flying High Downpour Pond Predators
One of Those Days Thorny Situation A Lot to Digest
Joke Mining Mum's Day A Matter of Taste
Good Parenting Big To-Do Bad Call
Staredown Spring has Sprung Cabin Fever
New Things Snow Snake Winter Blows
Juice Blaster 2000 Touque Magic Cartoon Hiatus
New Year's Peeve Caroling with Bruce Gone Ice Fishin'
Decorating Conundrum Basil of the North Games with Omelette
Sid the Monster Health Regimen It's Xmas Already?
Halloweenie Sid's Costume Concept Thanksgiving Tofurkey
Motivation Body Image Thunderstruck
Fireflies & Magic Great Idea UFO
Sid the Entertainer Wetland Woe Freestyle Inventing
Lobotomy Hinterland Moment Comforting Thoughts
Cosmic Wisdom Living Skies Easter Bunny
Comedy Math Tai Chi Smarty
Fourth Wall Winter Preserves Snow Angel
The Glass Migration Shmigration Under Your Hat
Wild Ride Exposed Merry New Year!
Ho Ho Ho Flakey Basil's Gift
Wish List Yearbook Mercer Golfs
Brain Cells Stocking Up I Can Do This
Meet-up Evolution Bad Day
Reminiscing Sid Swims Jammin'
Did you know? Sunset Thoughts Wood Tick!
Comparisons Fuzzy Kittens Introspection
Caterpillars First Melt Hologramarrific
Choices GravityShmavity In Deep
It's About Time Weather Crazy Sno Joke
Fitness Schmitness URRRRGH Copout
Bah Humbug New Year's Wish Awkward Moment
Snowy Day Strings Attached Flee Fly
Sidney's Game Basil Shamozzle Basil's Costume
Leapfrog A Wild Thought Pockit's Purpose
Basil's Big Chance Shushi Addictions
Fun n' Games Bruce's Project  Winded
Eggstravaganza The Stabbing Lofty Thoughts
Have You Ever Winter Sports Gopher Day
Frank The Rift Perceptions
Birdbrain Resolutions Snow Angels
Pockit's Nemesis Yahoo Doray Don't I Snow You?
Christmas Gift Mice Rights Sleepy Time
Easy Listening Clay Snowman
The Recovery Halloween  
These are some older storylines, if you wanna get caught up on how Bruce and Omelette ended up together, whether Sid ever dated, that sort of thing.
  Click here to read "Time Out!" - a full colour 16 page Flatland comic that I did for 

In "Time Out!" the Flatland gang are unwittingly hurled back to the ice age when Mercer accidentally invents a time machine.  This project was a new experience for me -  I had never before drawn Flatland in a long-form comic book format, which I quickly realized requires you to have an attention span. 



 The earliest Flatland comics, when they began to emerge from the primordial ooze: